Amber Isles live on 13 June 2014

These boys don’t belong on a stage.

They belong in the back seat of your car. In the middle of nowhere. Three days into the best road trip to anywhere.

Unfortunately on 13 June 2014 Amber Isles couldn’t be in your car. Unless your car was the Exford Hotel.

20140613 Amber Isles gig 1

This is dreamy indie-rock at its finest. Amber Isles weave an intricate tapestry of sound that transcends their (mostly) conventional lineup of guitars, drums, vocals and the occasional glockenspiel. Lead man Max Fotheringham’s soft voice is like the perfect soft pillow for your ears and even the drums somehow sound more feathery than firm. If it were possible for a rock band to play lullabies, this would be it.

20140613 Amber Isles gig 2

Amber Isles play the soundtrack to the film behind your eyes. Nostalgia rears its head and reminds you that not all dark memories need be hurtful. That you can find healing in revisiting the past. This music is your trusted friend. It is your familiar safe place. It is 3am after hours of cathartic conversation. It is falling backward into open arms. It is arrival.

We’re going to play a song about Seoul. But not the funky type of soul. The capital of South Korea. That Seoul. Which is also a pretty funky place.

20140613 Amber Isles gig 3

Despite the cinematic scope of their songs, the boys are unassuming on stage. They know this music isn’t about showmanship or impressive stunts or costumes or shredding. The music isn’t about them, it’s about you. And they’re now showing it to you. They’re giving it to you. Make of it what you will. But care for it gently, for it cares for you.

20140613 Amber Isles gig 4

Take a long drive.

Amber Isles are online at

20140613 Amber Isles gig 5