Anna Cordell live on 29 May 2014

Anna Cordell is no songstress.

She’s an enchantress. And she cast her spells at the Wesley Anne on 29 May 2014.

20140529 Anna Cordell gig 5

‘Graced the stage’ is a cliche.

Still, Anna’s band brought some of the most grace the Wesley Anne’s stage has ever seen. Her own voice and shining acoustic guitar were joined by Sarina (violin), Hannah (cello) and James (second guitar and bass)

And it sounded gorgeous. Anna’s supple voice and her guitar carried the core of the songs. The violin and cello wove silky textures and colours around and through that core. Sarina and Hannah also sung lovely harmony vocals in parts, bringing an even softer and diffused quality to Anna’s singing.

20140529 Anna Cordell gig 2

As you know, of course, even the most amazing sounds are nothing without amazing songs. And Anna Cordell’s songs are every bit the equal of the musicians who perform them. Despite being rooted in folk music, Anna’s songs flirt openly with pop. Vivid storytelling exists alongside rousing choruses, familiar chords and strong harmonies. Anna Cordell is an enchantress, and these songs were her spells.

20140529 Anna Cordell gig 3

And Anna was with us all the way. There was an effortlessness in her performance that invited her audience into the fold. She isn’t an aloof artist too big for her audience, nor is she self-deprecating and nervous, too small for her audience. Anna was comfortable. Strong and confident enough to be comfortable with her (admittedly sparse) imperfections.

Additionally, Anna’s dress perfectly matched her sound. Ghost-white and covered in intricate details, it perfectly suited the gorgeous sounds we were hearing.

20140529 Anna Cordell gig 4

In what is obviously becoming a tradition, Anna Cordell conjured musicians from one of her opening bands (including the jocular Nick Murphy – psychedelic folk pop? Believe it!) to join her for the final two songs. Despite the relaxed and comfortable energy on stage, it was clear this was something they’d been preparing for quite some time. Nick’s voice harmonised perfectly with Anna’s – coming across as if they’d always performed together like this.

20140529 Anna Cordell gig 1

Believe in magic. Be enchanted.

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