Chelsea Wilson live on 14 August 2014

She hopes we’ll be very unhappy without her.

And we will. On 14 August Chelsea Wilson showed us why.

20140814 Chelsea Wilson 1

Soul. Funk. Motown. Disco. What do they all have in common?


Chelsea Wilson is an accomplished singer who knows her groove. Really knows it. Her album launch at The Toff was like a tour of the best of the 60s and 70s. She’s written faultless songs, chosen impeccable band members and even had energy to spare for more than a few extra surprises.

But first, her voice. And what a voice. Wilson’s vocals are practiced and deliberate, delivering just the right amount of heartfelt lament and bitter vengeance. And appropriately so – many of her songs explore themes of betrayal, jealousy, heartbreak and complications of love.

20140814 Chelsea Wilson 2

Wilson also managed to assemble a cracking band behind her. A sharp horn section and colourful keyboards lent their colours to the usual drums, bass and guitar. And just like Wilson, they were all exceptionally well-rehearsed and on point.

Special mention should go to guitarist Neil Boland, who showed us some exceptionally well-judged blues solos and later funked up the set with some wah, phaser and other effects.

“This is a song about being in a relationship that’s not wrong, but not quite right either. I let a good man down.”

20140814 Chelsea Wilson 3

Not satisfied with merely sharing here excellent vocals and top band, Wilson also brought in backing dancer/singers – complete with impressive choreographed dance moves (and also both excellent singers too!). And there were guest singers. And costume changes. And a killer encore. This is a woman who has thought it all through. And she understands the importance of going beyond a musical performance. She understands what it takes to put on a show.

We’d be very unhappy without her.

20140814 Chelsea Wilson 4

Chelsea Wilson has just released her debut album, “I hope you’ll be very unhappy without me”, listen to it on Bandcamp here:

Also, check her out on Facebook: and her own website:

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