Chris Sprake live on 10 July 2014

Here are colours. Here are stories. Here are the aftermaths of bittersweet moments.

On 10 July 2014, Chris Sprake and his new band performed the soundtrack to a heart-rending movie at Mr Boogie Man Bar.

20140710 Chris Sprake gig 1

Chris’ set touched all the key points of the best films – the introduction of the protagonist, the early hope and optimism, the complication, the bittersweet loss and the triumphant return.

We have three-dimensional characters – people with promising strengths and tragic weaknesses, people with hopes and desires and doubts and fears, people with relationships and history and secrets. And though they all have their own paths, sometimes those paths join, sometimes they cross, sometimes they separate.

But like the best stories, there is no indication of a script. The characters are not pulled along by an invisible string. We simply follow them through their story and vicariously observe their twists and turns.

20140710 Chris Sprake gig 2

Chris’ songs land squarely in rock territory, with shades of relaxed indie folk and the occasional pop-like chorus hook. Overall, this is music that’s hard to disagree with. It’s well-written, well-performed and pushes all the right buttons. The beautiful quiet introspective moments are perfectly balanced with soaring climactic heights.

20140710 Chris Sprake gig 3

Chris also did a great job putting together his band. While he sang and played acoustic guitar, he was joined by an electric guitarist, electric bassist, keyboardist and drummer. His electric guitarist in particular brought out a few sneaky tricks – tastefully incorporating tuned feedback, looping and an e-bow into the performance.

20140710 Chris Sprake gig 4

Chris and his band are performing this Sunday morning at CERES. More info on his Facebook page.

20140710 Chris Sprake gig 5