Damian Tangram live on 31 March 2015

Our trousers cannot repel synths of that magnitude.

On 31 March Damian Tangram showed us the size of that thing.

20150331 Damien Tangram gig 1

Damian Tangram is a one-man music machine. Outnumbered by keyboards and synthesisers four-to-one, he deftly switched from one to another throughout the performance. He used each of the four machines to their fullest, exploring an impressive range of otherworldly sounds. Twisting knobs and pushing buttons was as much a part of the performance as playing the main melodies. Damien was more than a musician that evening – he was the venue’s mission controller.

20150331 Damien Tangram gig 2

Of course, the music itself right on point. Echoing early electronic ambient music pioneers such as Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, Damian’s music was pleasantly subdued with a healthy sprinkling of intriguing colours and textures. Each of the songs were long and sprawling – a journey that was more graceful space flight than rowdy road trip.

20150331 Damien Tangram gig 3

We witnessed the power of Damien’s fully armed and operation keyboard array. Just one man, he combined classic analogue synthesis, sequences, MIDI interconnections and samples. Appropriately, his latest album is titled ‘Music for a Better Millennium’. It certainly sounded like something from an alternate future – a kinder and gentler future that we somehow missed the turnoff to.

20150331 Damien Tangram gig 4

Damian’s base of operations is on Reverb Nation. Pay close attention: http://www.reverbnation.com/goodomenmusic

20150331 Damien Tangram gig 5