Flayed Identities at the Lake Bolac Eel Festival

Flayed Identities is a new Australian work that will be performed at twilight on the 22nd of March 2014 at the annual Eel Festival in Lake Bolac, Victoria.

Field 580

‘Field’ 2009 Colour Type C digital print Rozalind Drummond

It was created by composer Thomas Reiner in collaboration with:

• Gunditjmara elder and storyteller Ted Lovett
• image creator Rozalind Drummond
• sound artist Kim Lajoie
• improvising trumpeters Tristram Williams and Paul Williamson • indigenous bass-baritone Tiriki Onus

• community choir led by Jeanette Hajncl
The work was inspired by the stories of indigenous involvement in the First World War and the history of the

Gunditjmara people of South West Victoria.

Based on research by elder Ted Lovett, Flayed Identities honours the returned indigenous servicemen and women in commemoration of the First World War centenary. The audience will have a unique opportunity to hear indigenous and non-indigenous artists collaborate on common themes while maintaining distinctive viewpoints and styles of expression.

The performance takes place outdoors on the shores of the lake, with trumpet soloists Tristram Williams and Paul Williamson positioned on the water in boats and improvising musical responses to Ted’s narration. The meeting of music and storytelling is reinforced by the projected images of artist Rozalind Drummond and incorporates an electronic soundscape by Kim Lajoie. Thomas Reiner has also created a musical setting of John McCrae’s evocative poem “In Flanders Fields”, performed by the regional community choir led by Jeanette Hajncl and solo voice of indigenous bass-baritone Tiriki Onus.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival is a long-running regional festival with a strong history of indigenous representation and community-based performance. Following the 2010 production of Brolga Dreaming, the commissioning of Flayed Identities combines world-class contemporary artists responding to important historical events that resonate with the Gunditjmara people, local community and visitors alike.

Eel Festival (tickets and program) www.eelfestival.org.au/info.html Further publicity information, artist interviews, or audio clips contact:

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