Funk Rabbit live on 16 January 2015

This may not be the funk we deserve. But it’s definitely the funk we need.

On 16 January at Yah Yah’s, Funk Rabbit gave us more than we’re good for.

20150116 Funk Rabbit 1

Effortlessly blending traditional funk with a strong pop sensibility, Fun Rabbit delivered a sound that was at once engaging and accessible. The rhythm section laid down a solid foundation of deep grooves and funky guitar under a crack two-part horn section. In front of that stood Lauren Carter’s silky-sweet vocals with modern relatable lyrics and catchy hooks. While perfectly matching the business end of the funk band, Carter’s voice would be equally at home on a pop record.

20150116 Funk Rabbit 2

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. A little eye contact, little smile. A little wink, a little wiggle. The whole band was comfortable and enjoying themselves. Rather than rushing it, they gave themselves the time and space to flex themselves. Clear standouts were the horn solos – long enough to show off some real technical prowess, but still short enough to keep the energy level up and keep the night moving.

20150116 Funk Rabbit 3

And it wasn’t just the band who were enjoying themselves. The audience filled the floor with dancing, moving jerking and jiving. It’s a truism that people listen to the words, but they dance to the drums. And Funk Rabbit band leader James Borthwick was in top form on drums. Showcasing just the right range of groove and drive, Borthwick was the engine that kept the whole band moving.

20150116 Funk Rabbit 4

Funk Rabbit are playing regularly this year. Keep on top at Facebook:

20150116 Funk Rabbit 5