Halfshark live on 22 November 2014

Take a trip into the mind of Halfshark. Otherworldly haunting melodies, abstract and angular shapes and colours. And the most mysterious identity of any artist featured here on Skylashes.

20141122 Halfshark 1

Beginning with delicate solo voice and a nervous electric guitar, Halfshark’s entry began with a focus on their dramatic visuals. Projected into the space was a kaleidascopic procession of psychedelic colours, endlessly changing and shifting. At times the visuals appeared to be infinitely zooming in or out of fractal universes. At other times they formed terrifying contours that pulsed and undulated. The performance space at Conduit Arts added its own touch – as the projection cut across the structure behind the musicians, the shapes appeared clipped by inscrutable boundaries.

When the rest of the band arrived on stage, each was either in darkness or partial light. Harsh shadows and mysterious light sources distorted the geography of the band members’ faces. The result was a visual presentation that defied any sense of dimension or regularity.

20141122 Halfshark 2

With the full band on stage, Halfshark showed us exactly what they’d been preparing. The five musicians produced an eclectic but well-executed sound. Combining the ethereal lead vocals of frontshark Jessie Warren with backing vocals, violin, keyboards, electric guitar and electronic beats, the overall effect reached well beyond regular performances from either the electronic camp or the indie/folk camp.

20141122 Halfshark 3

We were treated to a sound outside and beyond genre, something possibly closest to some kind of alternative electro pop. The sound was dark and brooding, and at times almost threatening. Mysterious synth chords make way for swirling guitar echoes that make way for choir-like backing vocals that make way for expressive violin melodies. Halfshark are building something special.

20141122 Halfshark 4

Halfshark deliver the latest on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/halfsharkmusic

20141122 Halfshark 5