Jacqui Newland live on 9 May 2015

Pop music is a broad church. And someone’s got to lead the choir.

On 9 May Jacqui Newland stepped up to the podium and counted us in…

20150509 Jacqui Newland gig 1

Sweeping across expansive territory, Jacqui’s particular speciality was songs infused with R&B and rock. From heartfelt ballads to high energy dance numbers. From confessions to singalongs. From an acoustic duo to a full band. And everywhere in between. With just the right blend of sincerity and sass, Jacqui delivered song after relatable song, and her audience lapped it up. Like any good sermon, Jacqui took universal concepts and brought them to our everyday lives.

20150509 Jacqui Newland gig 2

Jacqui presented her set in two parts. First, as an acoustic duo with guitarist Nathan Hart. With both performing seated on bar stools (on stage, of course), the atmosphere was more like a sharing of songs between friends than a superstar pop show. Jacqui and Nathan regularly perform together as a duo and it showed – their comfortable joking and warm demeanour was plain to see. In the second part, Jacqui invited the rest of her band on stage. With a full complement of drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals (and with Nathan switching to electric guitar), the energy lifted and Jacqui flexed her true pop star power.

20150509 Jacqui Newland gig 3

Not content to simply play her songs back to back, Jacqui paused in between each song to tell stories, jokes and explain the background to her songs. Inexplicably a dying craft, the stories helped Jacqui’s audience connect with the songs and with Jacqui herself. The personal and emotional connection between the audience and the artist helps everyone get into the music and Jacqui knew it.

20150509 Jacqui Newland gig 4

Jacqui Newland’s got some even more exciting music in the pipeline. Keep in touch with her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacqui-Newland/232743620109721

20150509 Jacqui Newland gig 5