Jarek live on 2 May 2015

They didn’t have to say a single word.

On 2 May Jarek launched their third album without moving their mouths.

20150502 Jarek gig 1

This is a mature band at work. Jarek have been at this game for years, and it shows. On stage they delivered a full run through of their album with confidence, poise and precision. Furthermore, their musical growth over the three albums was evident as well. Sure, their new songs are deeper and clearer – but most importantly they have an unprecedented sense of purpose. No longer in their early days of somewhat unstructured exploration, they know what they want their music to say and they know how to say it.

20150502 Jarek gig 2

The musicianship on display was excellent. Each band member was clearly a master of his own instrument. But more than that – they played together in lock-step like brothers. The comfortable connection between each musician was palpable. Led by drummer Jared Brentnall, the band brought together electric guitars and bass, clarinet and keyboards. And while they are an instrumental band (yes – they don’t have a singer, and they’re not looking for one), their songs are dropping with lucid emotion, telling stories of courage and heartbreak without a single word.

20150502 Jarek gig 3

They might look a a bit like a rock band. They might even sound a bit like a rock band, but Jarek go far beyond. Living right out at the edge of the envelope, they draw in sounds of prog-metal, psychedelia, folk, and ambient music. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a distinctive and coherent sound. They have moments of explosive anthemic melodies. They have moments of tricky time signatures and deceptive rhythms. They have extremely well judged ambient chillouts in between the high energy bravado. Few bands can do what they do, and fewer still can do it this well.

20150502 Jarek gig 4

Jarek are out in force on the Facebooks: https://www.facebook.com/jarekmusic and you can listen to their new album ‘III‘ on Bandcamp: http://jarek.bandcamp.com/

20150502 Jarek gig 5