Kim Boekbinder live on 26 February 2015

Well, finally.

We have someone to show us the future of pop music. Space-Pop. The final frontier.

On 26 February, Kim Boekbinder took us to the stars at The LoWow.

20150226 Kim Boekbinder gig 1

Rocketship Boekbinder. Destination: The Heavens.

This was definitely Space-Pop. And we’re not entirely sure why it’s not everywhere, because it’s utterly fabulous. And in these days of fear and unease, we need someone like Boekbinder to remind us to shift our gaze skywards.

Hot off the tail of her LP ‘The Sky is Calling’, Boekbinder visited us on earth to perform a spectacular solo set complete with astral projections, costume changes, cutting-edge technology and infectious dance beats.

20150226 Kim Boekbinder gig 2

Boekbinder’s visuals were nothing short of stunning. Multiple sparkling costumes evoked a kind of space-age impressionism – intimating space-suits, futuristic fashion and alien skin – without being awkward or unwieldily. The whole show was supported by space-themed visual projections, including planets, stars, enormous radar arrays and rapid-fire technical displays from far-future computers.

20150226 Kim Boekbinder gig 3

The music kept pace with the impressive visuals. Boekbinder’s adventurous space-pop was a combination of sci-fi synthesisers, eerie voice layers and abstract drum loops. Equipped with an inscrutable combination of keyboards and other technical devices, Boekbinder effortlessly brought all the sound elements together for each song, almost like Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report.

And yet shining through all this technology was an undeniable human element. Not just in softness, but in equal parts ambition and vulnerability and ferociousness. There was something boiling deep inside and Boekbinder wasn’t afraid to bring it out.

20150226 Kim Boekbinder gig 4

You’ve missed out, but you can catch her next time if you watch her Facebook page:

20150226 Kim Boekbinder gig 5