Lake Minnetonka live on 8 April 2015

This ain’t your parents’ funk. Or maybe it is, and they didn’t tell you.

On 8 April six-piece funk monster Lake Minnetonka busted out some face-melting grooves.

20150408 Lake Minnetonka 1

How can music from three decades ago sound so fresh? More to the point – how can it slam so hard in 2015?

Well, there’s probably two answers to that. And both answers are Lake Minnetonka. Combining solid-granite rhythm section with fat brass and searing keyboard solos, the sextet expertly combine jazz, funk and rock to breathtaking results. Their mind-twisting jazz harmony kept their audience scratching their heads at the same time as their heavy drums and bass kept their toes tapping.

20150408 Lake Minnetonka 2

Lake Minnetonka resurrected a particular style of funk that time forgot. But like the zombies from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, this evil doesn’t sleep – it waits. And it’s been waiting for Lake Minnetonka. Unlike the zombies from Thriller, this funk is a fresh as ever. It rocks. It jives. It pumps. Probably because while it came from the 80s, it wasn’t popular in the 80s. It stayed in the underground. In fact, some numbers from Lake Minnetonka’s repertoire are from Prince’s long-speculated vault – having never been commercially (or officially) released.

20150408 Lake Minnetonka 3

LM frontman Adam Rudegeair deserves special mention. Armed with the sharpest keytar this side of Minneapolis, he spent the entire set strutting and sweeping across the stage. No keyboardist has ever been this cool. This was some serious swagger. And the undercarriage to assemble a crack team of musicians to awaken an underground music style and present it without a singer. And to brazenly rock it out for everyone to see.

20150408 Lake Minnetonka 4

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