Low Speed Bus Chase live on 13 September 2014

Twisting and turning. Jumping and diving.

On 13 September Low Sped Bus Chase delivered the some of the filthiest funk/rock grooves this side of Melbourne.

20140913 Low Speed Bus Chase 1

Funk/rock hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s here. And it was at the Evelyn with Low Speed Bus Chase. A solid five piece band, they combine heavy rock rhythms with thick funky bass grooves and pop/rock-inspired melodic vocals. And it hung together as tightly as you can imagine. They hit every cue, every note and sounded as a single entity – this was clearly a band in their element.

20140913 Low Speed Bus Chase 2

Frontman and lead singer Jack led the charge, jumping and dancing and jiving. At times it felt as if he were about to launch himself into something – either the ceiling or the crowd, perhaps. His energy was matched by the rest of the band – particularly gravity-defying guitarist B.B. and bassist Mook, who threw his long orange mane even further than he threw his bass.

The light and smoke effects added a dramatic dimension to the show – washing the stage in purple and orange haze, punctuated with striking backlit silhouettes.

20140913 Low Speed Bus Chase 3

The energy level in the venue was indisputable. The room was filled with excited fans who were singing along, screaming and yelling and feeding off the band’s passion. A noticeable release of energy occurred when he band started playing their latest single – Method of Loci – and the audience recognised it and began singing along.

Even during a quiet moment when lead singer Jack stepped into the audience and sat down in front of the stage to sing some quieter moments, audience members were heard musing to themselves – “This is so intense.”

20140913 Low Speed Bus Chase 4

Low Sped Bus Chase have just launched their latest single ‘Method of Loci’. Head over to their website http://www.lowspeedbuschase.com or check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LowSpeedBusChase

20140913 Low Speed Bus Chase 5