Lyzee live on 8 April 2016

This is what the emergence of a pop artist looks like.

On 8 April, Lyzee took the stage and melted our faces.

20160408 Lyzee Gig 1

Beyond sound, beyond even songs, Lyzee put on a show that delivered much more than a typical gig. Choreographed dancers. Synchronised lighting effects. Glow-in-the-dark fingernails. Luminescent knuckledusters. Exploding out of the shadows, Lyzee showed us that she knows how to craft a live show that provokes, entertains and surprises her audience. Her high-energy stage presence evoked a ferocity and determinism that reinforced and enhanced her songs.

20160408 Lyzee Gig 2

What what songs! Lyzee’s set was dominated by energetic electropop productions. Hit after hit, the energy level in the room started high and stayed high. Lyzee’s dance moves and vibrant vocal performance was backed by searing synths, thundering drums and pulsating bass. The whole room shuddered in time with the beat.

20160408 Lyzee Gig 3

Of course, it would all be for nothing if Lyzee’s voice didn’t deliver. Fortunately, it did just that and more. Matching up to the demands of her high-octane electropop, Lyzee’s voice gave the untiring machines a run for their money. She ran the gamut from heartbreak to heart attack and hit every point spot-on. If anyone in the audience was feeling relaxed that night, Lyzee delivered the perfect medicine.

20160408 Lyzee Gig 4

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20160408 Lyzee Gig 5