Passerine live on 27 September 2014

You missed out. And there’s no going back.

Passerine played their last gig with their current lineup on 27 September at LuWow. They’ll be back, but not as you know them.

20140927 Passerine gig 1

Grand Final night. The last gig. The incredibly extravagant Tiki bar LuWow. The scene was set and expectations were high. Tough expectations for any band to live up to.

And Passerine didn’t deliver.

No, they over-delivered. They gloriously over-delivered. Two full sets of soul-rocking booty-shaking disco hits. Slick. Tight. Slammin’. Even a little bit shiny. The room was full and not a single person was standing still. If there were ever a way for a band to exit on a high note, this was it.

20140927 Passerine gig 2

The Passerine band was clearly a well-oiled disco machine. Singer Phoebe Dubar was in top form and led the charge, backed by trumpet, sax, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. And everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. They’d all done this enough times to not have to worry at all about putting the right notes in the right places. They just let loose and had fun with it. And with their audience.

20140927 Passerine gig 3

This is a band that knows how to party. They kept the beats going. They kept the energy up. They didn’t let any dead space creep into the room. And their audience responded. The dance floor was full of people moving and grooving, shaking and shimmying, twisting and turning. They were feeding off the sheer musical energy and amplifying it, spreading it and sending it back to the band.

20140927 Passerine gig 4

Passerine is dead. Long live Passerine.

But fear not. Passerine will soon be rising from the ground with a new lineup and a new sound. Stay tuned at

20140927 Passerine gig 5