Soul Cupcake live on 20 Feb 2015

Do you like your cupcakes with butter?

On 20 Feb Soul Cupcake served up a smooth treat that just slid down the hatch.

20150220 Soul Cupcake gig 1

Effortlessly baking soul, R&B and funk into a velvety treat, Soul Cupcake put on two delectable sets of songs, combining originals and inspired covers. Their sound had a smooth sheen that was so easily digestible you might be forgiven for asking for second helpings. In fact, it’s likely that was their plan all along. The second set just slightly shorter and sweeter than the first, they managed to plate up a splendid evening with a satisfying aftertaste.

20150220 Soul Cupcake gig 2

Soul Cupcake were an impressive band on stage. Counting ten members, they managed to produce a tight, focussed sound that was never too cluttered or unfocussed. Indeed, each member had their own role and moment in the spotlight. Kudos to band leader Daimon Brunton for his masterly arrangements that let the music speak clearly through the wide array of instruments and sounds. And due praise for assembling the sheer quantity of talent in the same place at the same time.

20150220 Soul Cupcake gig 3

Alongside Brunton’s polished originals, the band also performed a handful of surprising covers. Channelling the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday and George Gershwin, they put a new spin on some favourite classics. Unique enough to raise eyebrows but familiar enough to dance to, songs such as Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough and I Wish sounded fresh and modern.

20150220 Soul Cupcake gig 4

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20150220 Soul Cupcake gig 5