Surface live on 6 November 2015

Well, this was a right treat.

On 6 November Surface launched their new album at Bennett’s Lane.

20151106 Surface 1

The brainchild of electric bassist Claire Cross, Surface is a six-piece jazz band with a thoroughly modern sound. This was no throwback, there was no swing to be heard. This is the jazz of now: Dramatic, expressive and present. With a line-up of drums, electric bass, electric guitar, piano/keyboard, saxophone and trumpet, the band moved as one through the extended two-set performance. They spiralled their way between taunting angular musical shapes and more relaxed atmospheres – and always remaining cool, calm and confident.

20151106 Surface 2

Of course, it’s simply not possible for a band as skilled as this to play as well as this without also enjoying themselves immensely in the process. Evidently relaxed, band leader Cross introduced each number with the friendliness and warmth of someone comfortably talking with a small group of close friends. And the audience likely felt like close friends, but it wasn’t a small group – the room was solidly packed out. Somehow music feels slightly amplified as it jumps from one person to the next, and in this room it was positively buzzing.

20151106 Surface 3

Get details on when Surface are playing next on their Facebook page:

20151106 Surface 4

20151106 Surface 5