Winter York live on 11 December 2014

So that was some delicious Melbourne indie-rock. And then some.

On 11 December Winter York launched their second EP at the Evelyn. And they showed us exactly how far they’d come.

20141211 Winter York gig 1

Here were no strangers to the stage. Winter York delivered a consummate performance, expertly straddling the fine line between cold precision and unhinged mayhem. Frontman James Mackey lead the band and rocked out with the ease and comfort of someone who clearly had years under his belt. Bringing the audience closer to the stage, he spread the fun and energy throughout the room. It didn’t feel like a special event nearly as much as it felt like a party between friends. Friends who had grown past the wild turmoil of early 20s but not yet near their buttoned up late 30s.

20141211 Winter York gig 2

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter that they were joined by a violinist and cellist. Almost. But it does, and they were. They added the gorgeous string parts the band’s audience were imagining all along. It was that kind of music – lyrical, bittersweet, moving. Seeing the worlds of sticky carpets and bow ties join forces on stage enhanced the drama. Regrettably, the strings were only present for about half the set. No doubt they were welcome the whole night.

20141211 Winter York gig 3

The songs themselves gave the band ample scope for showmanship. They ranged from solemn echoed guitars to ripping lead solos, whisper-quiet confessions to soaring anthemic choruses, from subtle electronic percussion to roaring rock and roll drums. Winter York wove a captivating tapestry of stories throughout their set – stories that reflect on our souls, our relationships and what it means to be alive.

20141211 Winter York gig 4

Winter York have some kind of website at and are on Facebook (among other various places) at

20141211 Winter York gig 5