Yarra Banks live on 18 July 2014

They used the F-word.

On 18 July Yarra Banks turned heads at the Reverence Hotel.

20140718 Yarra Banks gig 1

Is fusion a dirty word? Yarra Banks delivered two sets of songs that kept their audience scratching their heads as they shuffled their feet. Was it jazz? Was it funk? Was it soul? Was it psychedelic? They seemed more interested in asking the questions than giving the answers. Their range explored sophisticated smooth slow jams though to angular psychedelic freak outs. And all the while keeping it deliberate and purposeful.

20140718 Yarra Banks gig 2

These were seasoned musicians. Trumpet, saxophone, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass and drums. And they made it look easy. But for those in the audience who knew their music theory, it was clear that every one of the musicians were activating advanced-grade antics to twist timing, crumple chords and mainly mess with the music. All the while putting out enough vibe for everyone to dance to the beat and shuffle their feet.

20140718 Yarra Banks gig 3

Rachel Sosby is the most recent musician to be assimilated into the Yarra Banks fold. Her vocals were expertly controlled, ranging from smooth sultry crooning to more powerful R&B-style performance.

Guest keyboardist Adam Rudegeair fit in perfectly too. A testament to both his skill and the skill of the other musicians, it would be easy to assume he was a regular member of the band. Pushing jazz/funk keyboard technique to new boundaries, Rudegeair brought the usual organ and electric keyboard sounds, but added in sprinkles of wah-clavinet and even spacey ring modulation.

20140718 Yarra Banks gig 4

Yarra Banks are gigging regularly. Catch them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yarrabanks

20140718 Yarra Banks gig 5