Yeo live on 8 November 2014

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in the 80s anymore.

On 8 November, Yeo gave us some of the most delicious electro-pop this side of the CBD.

20141108 Yeo 1

Celebrating the launch of his single ‘Secret Powers’, Yeo put on an extraordinary gig to a packed room at Shebeen. Forget what you think you know about electro-pop. This isn’t the 80s anymore. Gone are the brash and blocky synthesisers and drum samples. Replacing them are slinky clicks and claps floating over refined synth arpeggios and pulsating subbass worthy of an IMAX blockbuster. Also gone is the stigma of electronic performers. We are the synchronisers. Yeo unapologetically displayed his laptop on stage, playing along on each song with a keyboard, keytar or electric bass. He was also flanked by a drummer who played an acoustic drum kit and electronic samples.

20141108 Yeo 2

Visually, Yeo’s show was striking and bold. All the stage lights were switched off, with the only light coming from a digital projector. For most of the show the stage was flooded in coloured blocks, interference patterns and cyclic patterns. At many moments it appeared somewhat reminiscent of ‘magic eye’ designs. Other times it looked like a cross between Lego blocks and some kind of diabolical Tetris nightmare. There were moments when the shapes appeared to buzz and vibrate with the music. Other times they cycled and shifted on their own millisecond timing. One thing was clear, however. This was not prepared video with material shot from a camera and edited and processed. This was something raw and live. Something was generating electrical pulses in real time and we were seeing it with our eyes.

20141108 Yeo 3

Of course, Yeo’s audience were there for the music. Yeo’s sound is modern and slick, but with a strong dose of playful and light-hearted fun. Full of mid-tempo and upbeat songs, Yeo’s set was full of energy and momentum. It’s to Yeo’s credit that he can fill a headline set with back-to-back hits without having to slow down or take a breather. This is pop music, so the subject matter treaded the familiar ground of relationships, internal struggle and personal growth.

I was good enough to quit my job and I never believed it.

20141108 Yeo 4

Yeo has just released his single ‘Secret Powers’ with a new music video. Get the latest at

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