Zikora live on 31 October 2014

Now here’s something you don’t hear every day.

On 31 October Zikora showed us a new sound at Dane Certificate’s Magic Theatre.

20141031 Zikora gig 1

Let’s get one thing clear – this was no regular gig and a regular venue. It was Halloween evening and Zikora had decked out DC’s Magic Theatre with cobwebs, spiders, spooky masks and other paraphernalia. Zikora themselves wore costumes and facepaint congruent with the theme of the night.

20141031 Zikora gig 2

Zikora themselves gave us some gorgeous music. ‘Unconventional’ hardly begins to describe their lineup. Fronting the band was Emily Rosner, singing lead vocals for most songs and playing her enormous magnificent harp. Ellisa Scott played flute and keyboard and also sang lead vocals for some songs. Talia Browne was the percussion backbone with three congas and a variety of hand shakers and other toys. All three women sang rich vocal harmonies that filled out the sound wonderfully.

20141031 Zikora gig 3

And how did it all sound? Very likely not like anything you’ve heard before. Rosner’s warm rich harp combined with Scott’s keyboard often felt like the band were only some dusty vinyl drum loops away from the sparse and spooky sound of early trip hop. Other times they could have been a drumkit and acoustic guitar away from the next adventurous neo-folk sound.

20141031 Zikora gig 4

It bears mentioning that Zikora performed as their core trio, but often appear with additional musicians. To catch then on another stage, follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zikorasmusic and sign up to their mailing list: http://www.zikora.com.au/mailing-list.html

20141031 Zikora gig 5